Personalised support for people in the community

Our aim is to develop and provide bespoke services for people. Some examples of how this works in practice is given below.

We provide a number of community support packages for people with learning disabilities and autism all these are established with the full involvement of the families who are involved in the recruitment and selection of staff to ensure the best fit for the people they will be supporting.


Personalised support for people in the community

We have worked with a number of people with personal budgets to help them develop their own supported living service. This has included;

Developing the support package proposals and agreeing them with Local Authorities

Developing housing specifications and finding appropriate property

Recruiting and managing the staff team involving the people being supported and their families

Home Care for People
with Complex Health Needs

We have developed a number of home care services for people with complex health needs. The referrals for these services usually come after a number of unsuccessful attempts to establish a consistent sustainable service.

We focus on working with the people and their families to identify the specific support they need, to recruit a staff team specifically for them with their involvement and to arrange bespoke training for the team once it is in place.

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